Welcome to the

Wonderful world of Nature Aquariums & Aquascaping​

Welcome to the

Wonderful world of Nature Aquariums & Aquascaping

About Ecoscenic​

Nature or Mother Nature as we tend to refer to her as, is the giver and taker of life. She uses the elements, i.e. Earth, Air, Fire and Water to create life. Without which, we as a species and all other species would seize to exist. It is for this reason and this reason only that the preservation and conservation of Nature in all its splendour, is of utmost importance and the need of the hour.

Humans, who are considered as the superior species of this planet ought to do all that we possibly can to make this a better and beautiful world to live in. For our future generations and that they may have a beautiful, thriving, life giving planet to live on.

The Nature Aquarium or Planted Aquarium is and can be a great teacher. The Nature Aquarium provides us with a huge opportunity of understanding what it takes to make life prosper. It shows us how delicate the system is or can be and at the same time the beauty of Nature and its awe-inspiring ways. It can leave you staring at it for hours-on-end, taking in the sites and all the life that it holds. 

The idea of a Nature Aquarium is to create a living, breathing ecosystem wherein every living organism and creature depend on each other and live-on harmoniously in the same environment. The aim is to have it establish itself and mature, to a large extent, into a self-sustainable system, ofcourse, a little bit of help from the outside with regular maintenance.

The Nature Aquarium at home, office or anywhere for that matter within the concrete walls of our daily life, brings peace of mind, stress reduction, it is an element of design that allows you to get lost in a wild world right in your comfort zone, a marvellous conversation starter, a unique and stand out interior feature and most importantly an element of sheer beauty, simply because of the Natural component that it is based & built upon and that which we are surrounded by, yet destroy and refuse to accept its importance and beauty- Nature.

At EcoScennic

To be an Entity that strives to educate and inspire the people of the present & children of tomorrow to understand and preserve Nature, for without it, we as a species shall seize to exist.

To bring about utmost awareness primarily through the next generation and them being the ambassadors, for the need to preserve the essence of life, i.e. Nature.

Through interactive communication via the various means available today and in the future, making the best use of technology to support with this goal.

To Create

To Educate

To Inspire

To Preserve


EcoScenic is a Nature Aquarium & Aquascaping gallery that promotes the understanding and education of Nature & Natural Ecosystems, how it works and thus the importance of preserving and conserving all that the Natural world has to offer.

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